Professional Leak Detection Specialists

Leak detection is our specialty, especially slab leaks and repair.

Water line repairs should not be ignored. Left untreated, a copper leak, sewer leak, or even a slab leak can cause severe damage to the structure of your home or place of business. Mold is just one example.

Our technicians are trained to use minimally invasive techniques. Whether locating your leak or cleaning up water damage or mold, we will remove only what is absolutely necessary. Using infrared cameras, moisture detectors and sound equipment, we can often locate a leak without even cutting a single hole. We can even see a hot water leak under concrete, or a sewer leak or tiny pinhole water leak behind your walls.


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Wow! Great service, professional and very friendly. We had a guy from a different company come out to repair two showers. One that we couldn’t stop from leaking and another that had a seized handle. We were told it was basically gonna cost a ton of money to fix and also have to repair our wall/walls afterwards. Rick knew what was wrong and had everything fixed within an hour. No demo to our walls were needed. Simple fix on both showers. I would definitely recommend Rick! Very knowledgeable and very friendly.
Rebecca E.


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